Great News

Renovation Grant Awarded to Crook RAFA

Amidst all the bad news of Covid-19 and the enforced isolation of the populace Crook RAFA has received some great news for the future.

For some time now, the joint Committees of Club and Branch have been working towards securing a grant to enable long-overdue repair renovation work to be undertaken on the RAFA Spitfire Club.

This is a substantial grant and much hard work went into securing it for the members of Crook Branch. When the work is completed the club will sport a new, more modern look as well as bringing it in line with current legislation for mobility impaired visitors.

The work begins with the replacing of the roof, followed by the renovation of the first floor and lastly the ground floor.

We have also contracted a company to remove a quantity of asbestos tiles that were in the premises. Again, we were fortunate enough to successfully apply for a grant to complete this work. This work is now complete and awaits the contractors to begin the main renovation work.

Your committees are working hard to make the Spitfire Club a welcoming place to visit and use as a base for the charitable fundraising the RAFA is renown for.

Please check out our dedicated REFURBISHMENT page for pictures and updates as the work progresses.

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